Waht is a Mousse?


What is a mousse?

A “Mousse” – (“mousse” is French for foam), is a ring of flexible foam that is installed inside a tire before the tyre is fitted on the rim.

Mousses were originally introduced to the off road motorcycle market in 1984 by the French tire company Michelin. There are several companies over the years that have created different formulations of a mousse.

However, the composition and nature of the foam has a huge impact on performance and longevity, so not all mousses are equal.


Pros and Cons

A mousse is known to do one thing very well, NOT go flat, however there are several downsides such as a slow rebound or non-progressive effect in their rideability. The industry often refers to this feeling as a “DEAD” feel. This loose and unstable feeling can affect the motorcycles handling and traction applications and unfortunately you just have to live with it because a mousse is not adjustable (unlike pneumatic systems or inner tubes), other than that, they do adjust themselves as they diminish and wear. Being a solid foam unit, mousses are generally heavier than most tubes, and the dead feeling only contributes to this effect and feel. Other negatives can be their short life span, made worse by their high cost (Nitromousse is a big improvement compared to past mousses).

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