Is a mousse better than the TUbliss system?

Mousses are 100% flat proof, if this is your top priority, then it might be a better choice. The TUbliss is designed to improve on every aspect of performance, protection and adjustability compared to a tube. If you want the security of not getting a flat, then a mousse is probably best for you. If you want the ultimate in performance and adjustability, then the TUbliss is the better option.

How do I know when to replace a mousse?

When a mousse breaks down and starts to deteriorate, it will rapidly start to feel much softer and unstable, similar to a tube that is slowly leaking and going flat. You will also experience excessive tire roll and less resistance to impacts. It is VERY IMPORTANT to pay attention to this and replace the mousse before it becomes too soft or unstable for safe riding.

Do mousses need a break in period?

Yes, a typical mousse will need a few hours of riding to get an optimum performance feel. However, this performance zone typically diminishes quickly as ride hours progress leaving you with and overly soft and unpredictable feel in motion. This is uncorrectable as a mousse or foam insert is non-adjustable other than adjusting themselves as they diminish and wear. Nitromousse does NOT need a break in period like other mousses – NOTE: Although a Nitromousse does not need to be broken in, when mounting with a new or ultra stiff tire, there can be an initial firmness to the feel and ride until the tire heats up and wears in a bit.

How long will a mousse last?

The anticipated life span of a mousse can vary depending on several factors, some of which are average operating speeds, intensity of terrain ridden on, proper lubrication, and outside or operating temperatures. This can typically be determined by how they are used. Excessive high speed and or aggressive riding in very warm temperatures has the highest wear factor for a mousse, but it is not uncommon for them to last several tires or more than a year.
Nitromousse proprietary compounds allow them to last twice as long as other mousses.

Are mousses heavier than tubes?

Yes, a mousse is heavier than a standard tube, but closer to the weight of a heavy duty tube. Traditionally mousse users are willing to trade the weight difference for the elimination of flats. Nitromousse’s nitrogen charged livelier feel makes this weight difference less noticeable.

How many PSI is a mousse equivalent to, when compared to a traditional tube?

A typical new mousse should feel similar to approximately 12-13psi of tire pressure. This can vary slightly due to tire selection, mousse sizing, and outside temperatures.
Nitromousse is designed to have a much lower, plusher, more progressive and controlled pneumatic feel, without a break-in period (NOTE: when used with a new tire, the tire itself may have a break in period though).

Are mousses for racers only?

No, mousses can be used by any level off-road rider whose primary concern is eliminating flat tires.
Nitromousse makes the transition to mousses much easier because of increased performance and better, more pneumatic, feel.

Does a mousse feel/ride different than traditional tubes?

Yes, traditionally a mousse is known to have a slow rebounding or nonprogressive heavy feel to their ride, this can also be referred to as an excessive “Dead Feel”. This loose or unstable feeling can affect the motorcycle’s handling and traction capabilities.
Nitromousse addresses this with proprietary compounds that are energized with higher levels of nitrogen to give them a more active pneumatic feel, eliminating the dead feeling with no break-in period.